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We have been successfully partnering with clients for close to 50 years. Over that time we have developed convictions that influence how we advise our clients:

The best way to grow wealth is through business ownership.

We work with our clients to educate them about the risks and ultimate benefits of investing in good businesses over the long term.  Very few people have the luxury of being able to keep their investments at rest in bank accounts, in bonds/GICs or hidden in their mattresses. Their money has to be invested where it has the potential to grow through ownership. Contact us to see the evidence we have to support this belief.

Good investment advice, delivered at the right price, increases your likelihood of success.

The best evidence we have to support this comes from our own clients. Many of them have told us they would not have succeeded financially without us. We seek advice from industry experts and we learn from our clients too. Together we benefit from the input from many sources. Investing is important, complex and laden with risk. A knowledgeable and principled financial advisor is an important partner to have.
Clients also demand value for their hard-earned money. We manage client assets through one, all-inclusive fee. Click here for more information on fees and what we think.

Delivering financial advice is about understanding people and investments.

To us “Know Your Client” isn’t just a form we fill out, it’s a belief that the best investment recommendations come from a thorough understanding of a client’s situation. This includes income, expenses, tax planning, debt, personal values and family context.

Investors should seek healthy diversification in their investments.

We find that investors often don’t have enough diversification – they may be heavily committed to a single property or business – which may be a good investment but may leave them vulnerable to permanent capital loss. Other times investors are over-diversified, investing in so many things that their portfolio has little or no chance of generating the returns they need to support their financial objectives. Our goal is to seek the right balance where investors can realize strong returns while being protected on the downside.

Financial Advisors should “eat their own cooking”.

We make the same investments as our clients. This means our personal financial success is very much tied to the financial success of our clients – and we think all clients should expect no less of their advisors.

Lower taxes and lower fees mean better results.

Every investor should seek to minimize the taxes and fees they pay. We embrace an industry movement to greater transparency and “value for money”. Successful investors not only use high quality investments, they are careful to minimize taxes and fees to maximize returns.