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We are financial advisors. Our clients come to us with questions about money – and we advise them on issues ranging from retirement planning, investment management services, dealing effectively with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), debt and expense management strategies, insurance and minimizing taxes and penalties on death.

We believe in advice and we know our clients benefit by having access to professional financial advice that they can use to make better financial decisions. For almost 50 years we’ve been doing the same thing: working with clients to help them save and grow their investments so they are able to fund important expenses in life: retirement, education and extended health care.

In our business, we have a compliance principle called “Know Your Client”. We believe in this principle because this is at the core of what we do. A big part of knowing our clients is helping them uncover what’s important to them in life and how a financial road map can support the things that are truly important. We know investments, and we have access to many of the very best investment managers in the world.

Thomson Allison is a financial advisory practice that provides independent financial advice. We are registered through FundEX Investments Inc., a mutual fund dealer and a division of IA Financial Group, Canada’s fourth-largest insurance company.

That’s our story. We hope you explore further to see how we have made a difference in the lives of our clients and how we can make a difference in yours too.