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an RRSP may not be the best place to put your retirement savings? it may not make sense to pay off your mortgage first? you may not need insurance? you may be better off keeping your money in your bank account? waiting to take CPP might be the right choice?

Until you’ve developed your own expertise or consulted with a knowledgeable and principled financial advisor, you can’t know for sure which financial solutions are best for you. Therefore, we believe that investing in good relationships and conversations is the best first step towards financial success.

Financial Planning

Financial planning does not predict the future, but instead gives you a sense of where you are now, where you want to be and how to get there. We create personalized financial plans for our clients, so they have a clear road map to achieve their success and have confidence in the decisions made along the way.

Portfolio Management

We work with our clients to create an investment policy that we use to guide our investment decisions. As our clients move through life their investment policy changes to continually match their goals, time frame and risk tolerance.

Tax Planning and Returns

We work with our clients to reduce their tax burden, plan for future taxes, and prepare annual tax returns. Our clients take comfort knowing their tax returns are prepared properly and that they are minimizing the taxes they pay.

Estate Planning

We organize investments so our clients minimize complexity, taxes and costs that are triggered when they pass away.


We work with our clients to identify and assess their financial risks. We help determine insurance needs and the proper solutions for our clients’ situations.